Friday, October 26, 2007

Am I getting wiser ?

"That is because you dont have much of a choice to make." She interrupted.

This happened when we three ie. my brother, she and I were sitting in Paragon restaurant and enjoying the delicious Biriyani.

As always we were discussing lot of things and suddenly the word 'shopping' popped up.

I started giving all the reasons for my dislike to go for shopping with my mother and cousins... "They will take a lot of time thinking what to buy... then again a lot of time checking this... that... no no that again. Ufffffffff. Funniest of all, they might not take even a single piece after all these exercises. Then they ll move to the next shop for repeating the same steps."

I went on in a streamline flow about guys (in my opinion) being faster when it comes to shopping.

"That is because you dont have much of a choice to make." She interrupted.

She is my sister in law.(I prefer calling them that way than cousin and his wife.)

"What choice do you have ? Take an example ... say shirt... plain, stripes or checks. It ends there. What else? Then think about a dress item for women... see how much choice is there... Moreover see how many dress varieties are there for women compared to men."

"It is not true..." I started defending and stopped at the same instant. It is better not to argue on a subject like women's dress, on which my knowledge is a big zero... I thought.

If this had happened say 5 years ago... I would have gone on arguing my point even if I knew nothing about the subject I am opposing...

What it means? I am getting wiser or... ...