Friday, January 11, 2008

Days of Thunder... err. only DD

One fine morning our TV Remote stopped working. Many a doctor tried to bring him back to life, but he remained dead. We changed the cells with no effect. Then it occurred to us.... sometimes things get exhausted and gadgets also 'die'.

Walking up to the TV set and changing channels manually is not meant for a lazy group like us. We set some music channel and started with our friendly banter... Since the 'remote crisis' was there in the back of every one's head, suddenly the days of single channel a.k.a DD days became the topic. Days of "Ramayan" and "Mahabharath". How each one of us watched it... I remember watching those with full family and neighbours. My mother used to get up early and finish her morning 'tasks' so that we are done with our breakfast and she can be free at the time they show these serials!!!!!!

Remember those Sunday supplements which covered the episode for the day dialogue by dialogue?

Then the discussion moved to ads... Vinod Khanna's "I use Cinthol. Do you ?" comes to mind so is the ever green Nirma ad.

Shockingly we all had The News, The world this week and also Surabhi in our top programmes list.

Don't know why we are still nostalgic about 'only' DD days. May be too much of choice has spoilt it now.


mathew said...

remember writing a similar post long time back..seriously we are spolit for choice these days!!

ദീപു : sandeep said...

Mathew: I was away for some time and was not checking this.. Sorry.

It just occurred on that day.