Friday, December 14, 2007


Keeping one point of contact (trusted of course) for one type of job has its pros and cons. You might have realised it earlier, but it occurred to me only recently. Till that day I saw only the brighter side.

It went like this.... We have a single point of contact for almost all our dress related stuff. It is the person who runs the nearest dry cleaning centre. For all queries, whether it is darning, stitching or whatever, we used to go to him and he was good in helping with directions.

As it is really cold during nights, we all pulled our jackets from wherever we dumped after July. It was then, that my friend realised there is a problem with the zipper of his jacket. As usual we started to the dry cleaning centre. But to our surprise it was closed.

We went to 2,3 shops without any luck. Finally we got a positive answer from one guy. He told he can fix it and asked for Rs.100 /- Like all the places we started bargaining straight away. Finally settled for 90 !!! After paying the bill, which he insisted, he was kind enough to divulge his "technique".

He'll get it repaired by another guy, who charges Rs.75-80. He kept on jawing. Once he was done with that, shamelessly he crossed the road and walked two blocks up to the actual repairer. If we were not going towards the dry cleaning centre for anything and everything, we would have found out that shop much earlier. Anyway it was a good lesson learned.

Somehow the scene from Veendum chila veettukaryangal came to mind. Samyuktha says "Vivaramillathore aalukal pattiykkum". How true.

When we reached our room our flatmate was ready with the quote of the day.

"They suck. Can they suck less ? "


Pradeep said...

How true, it has happened to me too. But fun is we can never know until we get cheated! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

ദീപു : sandeep said...

Pradeep : Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Most irritating part was that the guy crossed the road and walked to the repairer while we were standing there.
What you said is true, we can never know until we get cheated.

mathew said...

bhavana therunna head massager venno.. ;-P

ദീപു : sandeep said...

Mathew: Thanks for your comment. Ippo venda (read in the tone jagathy answers the question in Yodha... chess-match-parctise-horlicks) :)