Saturday, April 19, 2008



Adam : A level headed bloke, who, when drinks keeps some part of his 'consciousness' alive so that he can send SMS's

Bob : Another gem, who remembers all his 'drink-n-vomit' record with remarkable precision.

Charles : Poor chap who couldnt make it to the Friday evening-session. He is gifted with the ability to identify people from their vomiting sounds.

Dale : Another rare specimen who drinks rarely, but when present in the area cuts through the touchings like a piranha and also keeps track of all the words spoken in that session and will reproduce exact sentences if anyone starts denying the words the next day. He is next door neighbour to the first three.

Here we go...

Friday evening... A(dam) gets an invitation from B(ob) and proceeds to the nearest wineshop. He picks up drinkables in general or whisky, soda etc... in particular. B gets food and supportive items required for the session. They got message from C(harles) that he wont be able to make it to the session.

So it starts with A and B. They start slowly and in approx 1hr the bottle is quarter full or three quarters empty. At that time D(ale) steps in. Slowly the topic shifts to girls, love and marriage. Details of crushed crushes and failed proposals come out in due course... Around midnight D goes to sleep. A finishes his food and goes to sleep in another 15-20 mins, leaving B alone with the bottle.

A wakes up at seven next morning and sees the room, which was the session-room the previous night, in a complete mess. He checks all the rooms and finds B in sound sleep and C up and reading a paper.

A : Hey, when did you come in ? Have you seen this ?
C : Around 2 in the morning and found the place exactly as it is now.
A : Okie.
C : I heard someone vomiting in the bathroom. That was shortly after I went to bed. I was so tired that I didnt bother checking who it is. But I thought I recognised the voice.
A : Who was it ?
C : You.
A : What ? I was sleeping and I didnt go to bathroom after twelve. I went to bed at around twelve-thirty and after some time B also went to bed and I was half asleep when I saw B getting up and walking back to the session-room and I heard vomiting sounds. Since I knew B was there I didnt get up from bed. After sometime I remembered that you are outside. Then I got up from the bed and went to that room. Lights were out and no one was in the room. I turned the lights back on so that when you come in you wont walk on the mess. I tried to call you but strangely my moblie was showing "no network coverage". Then I tried to send an SMS. That also failed. Then I went to bed and was asleep till moring.
C : What was the time gap between you seeing B going to the room and you getting up ?
A : I dont know. I was in halfsleep state when I saw him and went back to sleep. It must be ten-fifteen minutes. Wait, I can tell you the time. I called you last at 1.15 AM as per my mobile record.
C : Alright. That almost sets the time you turned the lights back on.

A and C cleans the place and goes out for breakfast and comes back by Ten. At Ten thirty B wakes up and sees A and C reading newspapers.

B : Good Morning Guys...
A : Did you have any problems after drinks last night ?
B : No. Why? Did you have any?
A : Last night someone created a mess here. Was that you ?
B : No. I went to bed soon after you and just now woke up.
A : But I saw you get up and go to the room and heard vomiting sounds also.
B : Is this some kind of bluff ? Nobody vomited. Moreover I dont see anything here.
C : Oh, now it is our problem that we cleaned the place!!!!!!!!
B : Stop the bluff... I know if I vomited and I have no problem in admitting it. I am not feeling any effect on my body. Now see my clothes... it is clean. Check the bed that is also clean. How can you accuse me? You must be the one who did it or A.
A : Now let me tell you something. Yesterday you went way over the board. If you dont believe my words, we can check with D.
B : But that doesnt mean I did anything you guys say.

D enters the room after getting a call from A.

D : (to B) Aliya do you remember what you did last night? You were trying tongue twisters to prove that you are not drunk.
A : How was our condition when you left us last night ?
D : What happened ? Anything wrong?
A : We are trying to put two and two together and we are getting eight !!!!!. Can you help us ?
D : What ?

D listens to all arguments and finally sits puzzled.

A,B,C and D thinks to themselves : Did I create the mess yesterday ?

One bottle whiskey + soda + softdrinks...... Rs 900
Food and supporting items........... Rs 350

Mystery as in an Agatha Christie novel the next morning...... Priceless.....


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