Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Traffic blocks...

When you talk about traffic blocks, that too in Bangalore, people around will look at you with an "Are you mad? You completeley lost your mind" kind of expression. Not a single person in Bangalore, provided he travels on road, goes without cursing the traffic issue.

Now it is my turn.

I was happy for the last two years and smiled whenever I heard complaints and swear words about daily traffic blocks from guys who work in EC or somewhere near to MG Rd or wherever in Bangalore. I was in a comfortable position. My route was on Outer Ring Road. When I started working in this place, it took me 12-18 mins to reach Marathahalli from SilkBoard. There were few companies in between and so the traffic was less. Gradually buildings started popping up one by one. Ecospace Business Park got expanded from one building to many (I dont know how many are there right now.) Other business parks have also come. Forgot to mention the 10-14 flats near Sarjapura signal!!!

Like all good things, my love to Outer Ring Road travel also came to an end.

By and by traffic blocks started on Outer Ring Road also... 12-18 mins became 30-45mins and to 1hr and more some times.

The height of this was day before yesteday... It took me 1hr 45mins to cover the distance which I used to cover in 20 mins!!!!!!!!!

These kind of blocks leave me with mixed feelings... sad,angry,feverish and many more. It takes a lot of time to come to normal mode. After putting an average of 10 hrs in office I am in no mood to stand traffic blocks even for 15 mins. On such days I am finding it hard to control my temper and my mother or my friends are at the receiving side.

Now, like myteam mates, I am slso is staying back a little more so that I can get a "less blocked" road on my way back.

p.s: When I told this to my TL he has given a nice advice, fully free. "Boy, It is time you got married. After marriage your mind will be occupied with some problem or other and you wont get time even to worry about small things like traffic blocks". Now that is an advice woth considering :-) isn't it? when it comes from experienced.


Dhanya said...

I guess it's not worth discussing the traffic blocks in b'lore :(
Anyway ur TL's advice is hilarious.. U can consider that ;)

ദീപു : sandeep said...

I know it is not worth discussing.

reg the advice, I have another solution in place. Either go late or leave early. It is working now. :)

Resma said...

TLs comment is excellent!!!

But once you get married, sometimes traffic blocks can irritate you more than what is there now depending on the criticality of the problems :-)

So be prepared by next year!! haha :-)

ദീപു : sandeep said...

resma: thanks for the advice. I ll remember this, Since it comes from someone experienced