Wednesday, November 7, 2007

what is news ?

What is news ?

This happened last week or the week before... I was searching thru TV channels and finally came to a conclusion that there is not a single program in any channel, which is of my interest. It happens at times that all channels air uninteresting programs at the same time leaving the you with no choice. Then I started to look at a news channel. They were running the Kareena-Saif story. It started like... they both started from place X to place Z and stayed in hotel A in the morning they went about places P,Q,R then again........ It went on for more than 15 mins. I guess.

I didnt know what news it carried... Onlything I could make out was there is nothing happening around and they wanted to fill in this vacuum with something... and that something was what I ve been watching.

May be I am outdated... These days I dont see any ethics in channelguys whatsoever. I dont like the way they market the tears of a wife whose husband was brutally murdered. The tears of one who lost his beloved in a blast. They show all grotesquel things a bit longer, longer than what is necessary for news.

I thought of the maths teacher who taught us Set theory.

'Good' is not a well defined set.


Read this if you have time. It is Written by P Sainath.


Resma said...

Yes....what you told is exactly right.
B4 I used to read newspapers daily.... after sometime, due to shortage of time, started reading online news whenever time allows, in between the work.

But now I dont feel like reading that also, even when I get time as there is nothing as such in it:-(

ദീപു : sandeep said...

I totally quit newspapers. Am just watching the Asianet main news these days.